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Tequila Herradura


Established in 1870, Casa Herradura is the last true tequila-producing hacienda on the planet. Our commitment to the tradition of making the highest-quality tequila is paralleled by our legendary innovation. Every batch of Herradura is fermented with only wild, natural yeast amid the hacienda’s warm breeze and citrus trees—an entirely unique process. We’re also the only tequila that makes its own barrels for aging. And, of course, it was Herradura that introduced Reposado and Extra Añejo tequila to the world—proof that innovation not only can coexist with old traditions but can create new ones.


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What’s special about a barrel?

Our Reposado and Añejo tequila is aged in a second barrel for 30 days to impart a smoothness and unique flavor profile that is not found in any other tequila.

The Herradura iron brand.
A bottle of Herradura Double Barrica beside a partially filled glass.

What is personalized?

  • Each bottle is personalized with your name, barrel number and selection date.
  • The barrel the product was aged and finished in
  • A Certificate of authenticity

People walking through fields at Casa Herradura.

What selections can I make and how can I make them?

You may select either a Double Barrel Reposado or Double Barrel Anejo tequila. The selection can be made in two ways:

• Distillery selection based on your desired flavor profiles

• Live samples sent to you for your selection, at your convenience


How much do I get? / What does it cost?

Approximately 240 bottles of double barrel tequila, but this varies.

Purchase of the bottles will be made through a local retailer who determines the retail price per bottle.  If you click the button below to complete the form to request information, a representative of Herradura will be in contact to start the process.


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